What is a Class Action Settlement?

A court approved Class Action Settlement is the successful resolution of a class action lawsuit. Typically, a settlement fund is established for disbursement to eligible class members. Class members do not receive an award unless they file a timely and valid claim. Often, a majority of class members miss out on their potential refund as they are either not aware of the settlement or they don’t have the resources/expertise to file their claims.

Why has CCA contacted me?

CCA contacted you because you may be eligible to recover funds from one or more Class Action Settlements. We identify potential clients based on eligibility and deploy resources to reach out to these companies to inform them about the settlement and encourage participation. We would like to help you recover your fair share of settlement funds.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Each settlement has specific eligibility requirements. CCA will work with you to assess if your business is eligible for ongoing and/or upcoming settlements. Please Contact Us for a free consultation.

How much is my refund expected to be?

Since most settlements distribute refunds on a pro rata basis, we cannot accurately estimate your share of the refund without learning more about the specifics of your claim. Typically, the amount recovered is dependent upon the following factors: the size of the Settlement Fund, the number of eligible Class Members that file a timely claim, and the size of your firm’s claim. Your refund will be greater, for example, if the claim filing rate is lower. But you will not receive a refund unless you file a timely and valid claim.

What are CCA's fees?

CCA works on a 100% contingency fee basis. That means there are no upfront fees to you and we will incur all expenses necessary to prepare, file and manage your claim. We only get paid when you receive your refund. We believe that this fee structure fully aligns our interests with those of our clients.

Is my information confidential? Will my suppliers and/or service providers know if I file a claim?

Settlement funds and payouts are handled by a court appointed Claims Administrator. Your information, including your company name and any proprietary data, will remain confidential. The agreement you sign with CCA also requires us to keep your data confidential and we only use your information to file your claim or for evaluating eligibility in future settlements.

How long will it take to get my refund?

The settlement administration process for each case is different and depends on several factors including size of the fund, the number of claims filed and complexity of the data requirements. It is not uncommon for payouts to take a year or longer after the claim filing deadline. CCA does not have any control over the timing of refund distributions. However, we continuously monitor the claims review process and provide updates to our clients. If your business needs funds recovered immediately, we can help monetize your claim in selected cases. Please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

A lawsuit sounds complicated. Why should I participate?

This is not a lawsuit. CCA only gets involved when a settlement is imminent or has been reached and settlement funds set aside by the defendant(s) are available to be distributed. We encourage all eligible companies to file a claim as refunds could be tens of thousands or even millions depending on the size of your claim. We are leading experts in claims filing and refund recovery and can help manage the entire process with minimal time commitment from you. And we don’t charge a penny until we are successful in recovering the refund for you.

I’m busy. How much time will this take and what information do I need to provide?

We have two primary objectives – 1. Minimize the amount of time our clients have to spend on preparing the claims package, and 2. Maximize the recovery for our clients. To that end, CCA will manage the entire claim filing process on a turnkey basis by working with our clients to gather required data, device estimation methods if necessary and prepare a comprehensive filing package that incorporates all the requirements set by the class counsel and claims administrator.

Can I file on my own?

Yes. You do not have to hire a third-party claim consultant and are entitled to file your own claim without incurring our fee. However, thousands of companies have engaged CCA for the expertise and resources that we bring to the table to maximize their recovery while they focus on their core business.

How much information do I need to provide?

Rest assured we will walk you through the information you will need to provide in the most efficient manner possible. You will only need to provide the information you have. While hard documentation is preferred, we will work with you to recreate missing information if needed.

Why did I receive a settlement notice in the mail?

You may have received a letter from the court appointed Claims Administrator to inform you that you may be eligible to participate in a settlement. This is generally the case when your company’s details have been provided to the claims administrator by the settling defendants.

Can I still file and get a refund if I am missing data or the case covers a longer time frame than the records I keep?

Yes. The court understands that records are purged after a certain time period. While each situation is different, we work with our clients to gather easily accessible data, device estimation methods for any missing data, if necessary, and prepare a comprehensive filing package that incorporates all the requirements set by the class counsel and claims administrator.

What if my claim is rejected?

If we believe your claim was rejected unfairly, CCA will work with the claims administrator and class counsel to contest the rejection and fully incur any legal expenses, if necessary. Moreover, we only get paid when you receive your refund so there is no risk to you. Since our inception in 2013, we have a 100% claim approval rate.

How do I know my refund is accurate?

CCA performs extensive pre-approval analysis to estimate the potential recovery for our clients to ensure accuracy of all payments. And since we are working with dozens or hundreds of clients on a given settlement, we are able to compare your refund with other claims to ensure accuracy. This is another benefit of engaging our services because we have uncovered significant errors in the past. We will work with the Claims Administrator and Class Counsel to correct any mistakes, if necessary. CCA will ensure that you recover the full value for your claim.