On behalf of my company and its shareholders, I thank you for the outstanding job you did from start to finish. Your process was exceptional as was the final result. I am happy to be a reference for your Company as an extremely satisfied client.

Phil F., CFO

Ultralife Corp.

CCA was there every step of the way, assisting and coaching us to provide the materials they needed. Always professional and very celebratory the night they called to announce our share of the settlement! CCA even arranged a non-recourse advance on our claim. Great job and highly recommend CCA.

Ira A., President

National Power Corp.

CCA helped my company monetize our claim in the Wallboard Settlement. We received the funds immediately and years before the actual distribution of the settlement funds by the court. They even helped us recreate the data that was lost due to flooding and maximized our recovery. Highly recommend CCA to any company looking for a turnkey solution.

Winston S., President

Eastern Wallboard Supply

I have engaged the services of CC Advocacy to assist several of my clients in South America. Neither I nor my clients were aware of their eligibility until we met CCA. They minimized the time and effort required by my clients and ensured that 100% of the claims were fully approved. CCA also developed innovative methodology utilizing industry and company data to reconstruct the missing records which increased the recovery by several fold. I would not have been able to achieve these results for my clients without CCA’s assistance. We highly recommend CCA, especially for organizations that have larger claims where minor errors/oversight could prove costly, and have engaged CCA again on another settlement.

Paola S., Attorney

South America

CCA is the only US based claims filing company with a local presence in South Asia region. Dozens of members of The Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) were unaware of their eligibility in a $1.2 billion Air Cargo Settlement. CCA held meetings across the region to educate the members and assisted them in recreating missing data, filing claims as well as responding to audit notices. ACAAI members recovered millions of dollars as a result. CCA performed admirably and received an award from ACAAI for its vital role in fund recovery.

Sunil A., President

ACAAI, India

We were unaware of the settlement until CCA reached out to us. Moreover, we did not have records for the entire class period. CCA assisted us in reconstructing the missing records which increased our recovery significantly. I was pleased with every aspect of the claim filing process and received exceptional service. We highly recommend CCA to others and will not hesitate to engage them in the future.

Gary B., President