Illustrative examples of how CCA has created significant value for our clients

Case Study 1: Battery Pack Manufacturer Recovers Millions

Overview: A leading manufacturer of battery packs was missing majority of the purchase records required to file their complete claim.  CCA worked with the company to understand their business model and purchase trends/history.  We then used the publicly filed data available with the SEC as well as industry data to recreate the client’s claim utilizing CCA’s proprietary and innovative methodologies.  CCA’s analytics team did all the work and client’s time commitment was less than 3 hours.

Outcome:  The extensive analysis, modeling and estimation submitted by CCA and further supported during the Claims Administrator’s audit process resulted in a recovery of more than $2 million.

Case Study 2: Uncovered Significant Post-Audit Error - Our Work Doesn’t End at Claim Filing

Overview:  Several dozen Freight Forwarding industry clients engaged us to file their claims in a $350+ million global class action settlement.  Based on the extensive pre-approval analysis that we had performed to estimate the potential recovery for our clients, we were shocked when the proposed refund was significantly lower than expected.  We immediately undertook a detailed review of the distribution motion filed with the court and uncovered a major issue with how some large claims were approved for payment resulting in significant underpayment to rest of the claims.  CCA immediately flagged this issue with the claims administrator and the class counsel.

Outcome:  Class counsel agreed with our findings and withdrew its motion for distribution of the funds.  After the claims administrator performed a detailed (re)audit of all large claims, it found that ~$120 million was misallocated to larger claims.  After this error was corrected, our clients received approximately 3-4 times what they would have otherwise received.

Case Study 3: Client Education and Outreach Results in Significant Benefit

Overview:  CCA’s client education and outreach team contacted a regional grocery chain to discuss a $2.67 billion settlement they were eligible for.  In the course of our conversation, we found out that the company had not filed their claim in a recent Broiler Chicken settlement and wasn’t aware of their eligibility in other settlements totaling $5.5 billion.    

Outcome:  CCA immediately filed the client’s claim in ongoing settlements and has been engaged for other upcoming settlements they would have missed out on.  One of the biggest benefits that our clients realize is that we regularly monitor upcoming settlements and undertake periodic analysis of our clients’ eligibility in these settlements so they can focus on their core business.

Case Study 4: Uncovering of Claim Filing Error Results in 60%+ Increase in Recovery

Overview:  A leading freight forwarder in South Asia had filed a claim in the $1.2 billion Air Cargo settlement using their in-house legal and accounting teams.  CCA met with the company at an industry conference and volunteered to perform a post-filing review of their claim at no cost. Upon analyzing the claim, CCA uncovered a major error that would have resulted in a significantly lower recovery.

Outcome:  CCA was engaged to amend the claim.  We worked with the claims administrator and class counsel to ensure that all of client’s pending and prior recoveries were adjusted to account for this error.  This effort increased the client’s recovery by over 60% highlighting the expertise and resources that CCA brings to the table to maximize your recovery.